• Multitasking
  • Scheduling (Movie Magic)
  • Directing Background Action
  • Working under pressure
  • Leading teams
  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Organisation
  • Time Management
  • Budget Management



  • First Aider
  • (PSP) Safe Management of Productions
  • Working at Height

Stephanie Bradshaw - Assistant Director/Runner


I am currently studying on the Assistant Directing and Floor Managing Diploma at The National Film & Television School, Beaconsfield, with direction of being a 1st Assistant Director.


I am available for Runner/Assistant Director/Floor Manager roles.

Full driving license with own car. (+25). First Aider and qualified in Safe Management of Productions.

Fluent English and Japanese speaker.

Also available for stills photography.















RUNNER (Work Experience - 2 days): HOLBY CITY APR 2018 (TV))

RUNNER (Work Experience - 6 days): APR 2018 (Feature Film)

1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR APR 2018 NFTS COMMERCIAL (Bridge to Industry Commercial)

Director: Jake Sleet



HEAD RUNNER: Jacobs Crackers- 'Fast Walkers' (Biscuit Filmworks) MAR 2018 (Commercial)

Director: Clay Weiner , DOP: Stephen Keith Roach , 1st Assistant Director: Patrick Cadell



Director: Toby Frow, DOP: Stuart Graham, 1st Assistant Director: Bella Merritt

Managing Talent: Matthew Kelly


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: FEB 2018 Interpreting the Scene (NFTS Excercise)


RUNNER: Matalan - "The Show - Easter" "FEB 2018 (Commercial/VT)

Producer: Amy Coop, Director: Jo Johns, DOP: Chris O'Driscoll (+A/B/C/D Cam), Floor Manager: Katie Keats

Managing Talent: Denise Van Outen, Peter Andre, Kelly Brook, Una Healy, Jane Akers, Angela Griffin, 3 x Children under 10


FLOOR RUNNER: Marriott Hotels FEB 2018 (Commercial)

Director: Helen Clemens, DOP: Marcus Autell, 1st Assistant Director: Elaine Mackenzie

Managing Talent: Sebastien Chabal


FLOOR RUNNER: Telekom (Germany) FEB 2018 (Commercial)

Director: Kai Kurve/Joffrey Jans, DOP: Tim Green, 1st Assistant Director: Patrick Cadell

Involving: Controlled explosions, VFX, working with water


3RD ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FEB 2018 "Chance" Short film

Director: Claudia Selby, DOP: James Friend, 1st AD: Demian Lovett


3RD ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FEB 2018 "My Mother" Short film

Director: Charlie Manton, DOP: Molly Manning-Walker, 1st AD: Anke Nettofel

InvolvingL: Working with children, stunt coordination


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: FEB 2018 Artist: Haleek (Music Video) Production: Pulse

Producer: Emily Dring, Director: Saskia Dixie, DOP: Ruben Woodin Dechamps


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FEB 2018 "The Dancer" Short film

Exec Producer: Teodora Shaleva Director: George Graham, DOP: Fabio Mota

Involving: Working at sea, filmed on a 43ft sailboat


2ND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR JAN 2018 "Gorefest - The Good Samaritan" Short film

Director: Chris Goodman, DOP: Bertrand Rocourt, 1st Assistant Director: Stuart Renfrew

Involving: SFX & VFX


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR JAN 2018 "Bad Bag" Commercial (Product- Healthy Back Bag)

Producer: Sofia Rossi, Director: Marco Oliva, DOP: Natalja Safronova



(To understand what is important in post, to think about during filming as an AD)


FLOOR RUNNER: JAN 2018 Danone - Aptamil (Commercial)

Producer: Tim Daukes, Director: Ben Craig, DOP: Ben Moulden, 1st Assistant Director: Elaine Mackenzie

Involving: Working with babies and children


RUNNER: DEC 2017 "Deep Clean" (Short film)

Producer: Matt Harlock/Rebekah Renford, Director: Matt Harlock, DOP: Greg Duffield, 1st Assistant Director: Rawdon deFresnes


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: DEC 2017 Stella McCartney, Spring '18 collection (Commercial)

Director: Gabriela Carpenter, DOP: Ronnie McQuillan


3rd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: DEC 2017 Cussons - Foamburst (Commercial)

Producer/Director: Ajay Arora, DOP: Natalja Safronova, 1st Assistant Director: Demian Lovett


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: DEC 2017 Artist: Ezra Miller (Music Video)

Director/DOP: Roland Huchinson


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: DEC 2017 "Snowflake" - Autograph Hotels (Commercial)

Producer: Khaled Gad, Director: Roland Huchinson, DOP: Brian Fawcett

Link to commercial:


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: DEC 2017 Stella McCartney, Spring '18 collection (Commercial)

Producer: Kieran Nolan-Jones, Director: Jenny Rinta-Kanto, DOP: Bruno Grilo


1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: DEC 2017 Stella McCartney, Spring '18 collection (Commercial)

Director: Jake Sleet, DOP: Alfred Thirolle


PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: DEC 2017 "Inanimate" (Short NFTS animation film)

Producer: Leonard Ortman


RUNNER: NOV 2017 "Lock & Key" (Short film)

Producer/Director: Eamonn Hearns, DOP: Ricky Patel, 1st Assistant Director: Gabriele Lo Giudice


GAFFER : NOV 2017 "Authentiques - Paris" (Lifestyle Campaign)

Producer: Laetitia Tomasso, Director: Philip Iyegbe, DOP: James Ducker. (Beyond Yonder Productions)



PRODUCTION ASSISTANT OCT 2017 Artist: VÉRITÉ - Saint (Music Video)

Producer: Emily Dring, Director/DOP: Charlie Manton. 1st Assistant Director: Devon Armstrong (Everdee Productions)


2ND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: OCT 2017 "Tell Me (Mr K)" (Short film)

Producer: Teodora Shaleva, Director: Charlie Manton, DOP: Daniel Morgan, 1st Assistant Director: Tom Allan

Involving: Working with children, child licensing, stunt coordination


3RD ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: OCT 2017 "No Words for That" (Short film)

Producer: Priya Dosanjh, Director: Jonathan Choo, DOP: Lily Grimes, 1st Assistant Director: Toni Staples


RUNNER: SEPT 2017 "Lungs" (Short film)

Producer: Ludovico Zanette, Director: Raphael Chipperfield, , DOP: Brenden Freedman, 1st Assistant Director: Tom Allan


RUNNER: SEPT 2017 "The Girl with Two Heads" (Short film)

Producer: Kate Phibbs, Director: Betzabe Garcia, DOP: Alana Mejia Gonzalez, 1st Assistant Director: Tom Allan


AUG 2017 "Dead Birds" - NFTS SA

JUN 2017 "Philip K Dick's - Electric Dreams" (Crazy Diamond) SA



ASSISTANT FLOOR MANAGER: NOV 2017 "Two Girls, One Flat" TX3 (Live Youtube (Magazine show))



STUDIO RUNNER: 1994 Nickelodeon Studios - London


2011 - 2017 Assistant Stage Manager, Props Manager, In-house Photographer, Actor

Multiple Productions - Manor Players, Sunbury

2005 - 2008 Chorus/Stage Crew

Multiple Productions - Nemcom Theatre Group, New Malden



2017 - 2018 Diploma - Assistant Directing & Floor Managing, National Film and Television School (NFTS)

SEPT 2017 Safe Management of Productions (1st Options)

SEPT 2017 Qualified First Aider

PRIOR TO 2017 PRINCE2 (Project Management), Time Management, Working at height

1996 - 1998 A Level - Media Studies

1994/1996 Voluntary work experience at a music recording studio in London and Teddington Studios


Previous Experience

I was previously a technical project manager in the IT Industry for over ten years. After completing a year in industry at Microsoft, I started my career in IT with Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Cash Management Services) and Honda (as IT Support) and then as a Race Team Infrastructure Engineer travelling to each F1 race and managing the IT Infrastructure for McLaren. This led me to Project Management in which I have managed small to large projects with budgets over £1m and managed a PMO of 10 PMs and BA's. I have worked for large corporations in a variety of industries enabling me to understand my environment and successfully lead project teams and manage projects on time and to budget.


Projects include:

  • Office 365 migration and Office 2016 rollout (McLaren)
  • Office 365 Training plan for over 3000 users (McLaren)
  • Company separation project (undisclosed)
  • WAN migration (1) 120 UK stores (Flight Centre) (2) 14 sites worldwide (McLaren)
  • Mission Control Design and Implementation in Japan (McLaren/Honda)
  • Implementation of Automotive Facility (IT) in Spain (McLaren)
  • Implementation of new sites (IT) - Bahrain, US, Tokyo (McLaren)
  • Design and Implementation of a Wind Tunnel communication strategy between UK and Germany (McLaren)
  • Design and implementation of personalised bespoke document software (Flight Centre)
  • Implementation of mobile application (Flight Centre)
  • RFP Process for HR System (Flight Centre)


Industries previously worked in:

Financial, Automotive, Travel, Information Technology



  • Child Licensing
  • Risk Assesments
  • Call Sheets
  • Scheduling
  • Location Recces
  • Production Safety
  • Working with children
  • Working at sea
  • Working with car/quad stunts (Steadicam, camera rigs)
  • Working in public areas





"Stephanie evolved very quickly as both a 3rd and 2nd AD, bright and good at using her intuition. I would work with her again"

Tom Allan, 1st AD

"A hard working and dedicated addition to any team. Stephanie can be relied upon to go above and beyond on set and I'd work with her again"

Philip Iyegbe, Director

"A natural AD - bit older with worldly experience. I'd take her on to any production I worked on. Keen, intelligent and has those two qualities that all AD's need; common sense and intuition"

Toni Staples, 1st AD

"Stephanie is one who rarely needs to be asked to do anything. She has, more often than not, already done it of her own accord. Attentive, watchful, helpful and wanting to learn. A great addition to your crew. I look forward to having her on my next shoot"

Patrick Cadell, 1st AD



UK, but available to travel



Tel: +44 7595 286249



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